Board of Directors

Wayne OTTENBREIT (president) is a marriage & family therapist in private practice – this additional career after many years teaching in the classroom. Education continues to be his primary occupation, now also as a guidance counsellor. Though raised in Regina, Wayne has lived in Calgary for his whole professional life. He and Jodean spend much of their time enjoying life with nine daughters.

Marcy D’AGOSTINI (secretary; president-elect) is a wife and mother of 8 children ages 17 down to 1.  Her journey to becoming a Catholic therapist began back in 1998 when she married Randy, who was rediscovering his faith. Through a variety of conversations, readings and prayer, she decided to commit to the Catholic faith and was received into the Church at Easter Vigil, 2000.  From there, Marcy spent the next 9 years learning as much as she could about her new faith, leading small group studies and providing spiritual mentorship to women (with appropriate training of course!).  Through this ministry, with prayer and discernment, Marcy decided to pursue professional training as a psychologist in order to fill a great need in the world: minister to families who were experiencing pain and in need of healing. This began a 7 year academic journey, while raising a busy growing family!  Now, only months away from completing her registration as a Psychologist in the province of Alberta, Marcy has worked with a wide variety of clients with diverse backgrounds, needs and environments. Her area of greatest joy is working with children, especially those who have experienced trauma or loss.


Dean DOWLE, JCS (spiritual director) was appointed by Archbishop Richard Smith to the position of Spiritual Director for the Catholic Psychotherapy Association of Canada in 2015. Outside of CPAC, he serves as Adjunct Judicial Vicar of the Interdiocesan Tribunal for the Archdiocese of Edmonton, and he also holds the position of Chaplain for the Edmonton Catholic Schools. Fr. Dean was born in Edmonton, raised in Fort Saskatchewan and ordained to the priesthood for the Archdiocese of Edmonton in 2010. He served in parish ministry at St. Theresa’s and St. Joseph’s Basilica before beginning graduate studies at Saint Paul University in Ottawa. Fr. Dean also holds a Licentiate in Canon Law.

Past Boards

2017/2018 Board of Directors:  Wayne OTTENBREIT (president); • Marcy D’AGOSTINI (secretary; president-elect);  Eunice PETERSON (past-president; treasurer);  Father Dean DOWLE (spiritual director)

2016/2017 Board of Directors:  Eunice PETERSON (president);  Marcy D’AGOSTINI (secretary);  PJ LEWIS (treasurer);  Wayne OTTENBREIT (president-elect);  Father Dean DOWLE (spiritual director); Amanda MARLEAU (director)

2015/2016 Board of Directors:  Eunice PETERSON (president); Irene MILLER (secretary);  PJ LEWIS (treasurer);  Wayne OTTENBREIT (president-elect);  Father Dean DOWLE (spiritual director);  Theresa ZOLNER (past-president);  Jean MacKENZIE (director, communications)

2014/2015 Board of Directors:  Theresa ZOLNER (president);  Eunice PETERSON (secretary; president-elect);  Melissa GUZIK (treasurer);  Father Andrew SZABLEWSKI (spiritual director);  Jean MacKENZIE (past-president; director, communications);  Wayne OTTENBREIT (director);  Pavel REID (director)

2013/2014 Board of Directors:  Jean MacKENZIE (president);  Eunice PETERSON (secretary);  Melissa GUZIK (treasurer; past-president);  Theresa ZOLNER (president-elect; director, communications);  Father Andrew SZABLEWSKI (spiritual director);  Patricia COSGROVE (director);  Pavel REID (director)

2012/2013 (founding) Board of Directors:  Melissa GUZIK (president);  Eunice PETERSON (secretary);  Jean MacKENZIE (treasurer; president-elect);  Father Andrew SZABLEWSKI (spiritual director);  Theresa ZOLNER (director, communications);  Jake KHYM (director)