Anyone who supports the mission of the Association is eligible for membership. There are four different categories of membership: • Clinical, • Academic, • Student, and • Associate. Information about each category can be found within the application form (PDF) or by online application.

We believe there are many tangible and many hidden benefits of membership. Some both current and potential are:

  • national conferences
  • local social and professional gatherings and workshops
  • professional journal
  • online community, via a listserv and Facebook (one Facebook group open and the other closed for members only by request)
  • referral service to connect potential clients with qualified therapists
  • speakers bureau
  • professional consultation opportunities
  • religious/faith support, including common prayer and shared devotional practices
  • ability to network with competent colleagues
  • quarterly newsletter
  • professional development webinars
  • topical content delivered by podcast
  • growing resource library on topics related to therapy
  • forum to advertise one’s self-developed resources

Current members whose last application form is less than three years old can renew their memberships without completing a new form – simply by submitting the fee and communicating any minors changes we should make to our records. Whether new or renewing, dues can be paid by posted cheque to our office, e-transfer, or online, using SquareRegister [ this feature has not yet been activated ].

We strive to make regular membership fees affordable, but we also offer incentive pricing for both the current member and a new member brought in by this member (details are on the application form). Members who serve as diocesan liaisons (properly appointed) enjoy entirely free memberships. If fees are a sincere burden to someone who would otherwise join, please contact the office to discuss the situation.