Diocesan Liaisons

Establishing relationships through our diocesan liaisons is an important initiative in carrying forward the Catholic Psychotherapy Association of Canada’s mission. We want to be present in and of service to each of the 77 dioceses (both Latin- and eastern-rites) across the country. Liaisons enjoy a free membership in the Association, as long as they are properly appointed by someone with authority in their diocese.

Liaisons function to communicate to dioceses on behalf of the Association about dioceses_lr1_01the services we wish to offer. They likewise communicate on behalf of their dioceses to the Association about emerging needs that we may have, or develop, the resources to help address. In this role they seek to represent and promote our work, making us more visible and accessible in support of their own local church.

This is a position with great potential to impact how CPAC makes connection with those in need. If you enjoy a good and close relationship with your own diocese, we would be eager to have you take on this opportunity. Please contact the office to talk about how to proceed.


Current liaisons, helpful actions on our behalf would be to:

  1. obtain a letter of support from your bishop – if he has noticed and believes in the value of the Association’s work
  2. seek to include an advertisement in parish bulletins making our existence better known. You may use language from this website or otherwise develop your own such ad, or contact the office to request one from us